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Are you new in town, or new to church, or already a believer? You are welcome to fellowship with us!
We are people of diverse backgrounds, made into a family. Our common bond is not primarily the English language, but the love for Christ. We desire to grow together in the knowledge of God our creator through His word, and to grow together in our relationship with Him. We rejoice to know that this relationship is possible through what happend at the cross, The Good News.

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About us

Join us for worship
            5pm in Hannover
Schlägerstrasse 5,
30171 Hannover
            2pm in Celle
Werderweg 41,
29221 Celle
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Children’s Sunday school
      • (during the sermon in Hannover and in Celle)
Prayer times
Men’s breakfast
Missions support
Worship Team


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W H A T ‘ S   N E W
                                                                                                                                           Outreach in Hannover and Hildesheim 

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